Wash & Fold

We wash, dry, and fold everyday laundry!

That’s right, you read that correctly.  Does your laundry room and baskets look like this, or are you just looking for a little help?  We not only provide dry cleaning, but we make laundry day so much easier for every household! Bring us a bag stuffed with your dirty shorts, shirts, pants, socks, undergarments, etc. We’ll clean your clothes and when you pick them up, they’ll be folded and ready to go straight in the drawer.

Folded laundry in a basket

How does Wash & Fold work?


Bring Your Dirty Clothes In

Place your dirty laundry in a bag and bring it to one of our conveniently located facilities.

Weigh the Clothing

Laundry is $1.95 a pound and we weigh them at drop off.

Wash, Dry, Fold, & Package

We wash, dry and fold your laundry to be available for pick up in no more than two days. We’ll return it in a fresh clean bag folded and ready to be put away!
You have better things to do!

Give Up Laundry Day For Good!

Our Quality Check List

We Sort

Clothes are sorted by color and stain treated before washed.

We Wash

Your clothes are cleaned by our trained professionals to ensure they’re treated with the utmost care.

We Fold

Our team of experts fold your laundry and prepare them for easy delivery to your drawers.

We Bag

We place your folded clothes in a fresh bag, ready for pick up at your earliest convenience!

Got a question?
No problem.

Send us a message or give us a call.  We will be more thank happy to answer any question you may have about the services we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wash & Fold

How do I start the wash and fold process?

Bring your bagged clothes to any of our three locations. Let the counter attendant know you’re looking for wash and fold service and they’ll handle everything from there.

How do I prepare my laundry?

It’s as simple as it sounds, put it in the bag! We handle sorting and emptying pockets.

How much will it cost?

We price wash and fold services by the pound. The price will depend on how much your laundry weighs. TIP: Make sure everything is dry before placing it in the bag.

How much do clothes typically weigh?

The average load of laundry weighs 8-10 lbs. The average person wears 15-18lbs of laundry a week. There are variations depending on how often you change and what you have dry-cleaned. Your best bet would be to weigh yourself with an empty bag and then weigh yourself again with it loaded with clothes.

What can I put in the wash and fold bag?

Anything that you would normally wash and dry. Clothing such as shirts, pants, shorts, undergarments, socks, sweatshirts, sheets, and towels. Please remember that these items will be washed and dried. This does not include pressing.

What isn’t included in wash and fold?

Items you would like dry cleaned and/or pressed. Specialty fabrics such as faux and real leather, silk, wool, sweaters, suits, most dresses, comforters, and your finer clothing. Those should not be included in wash and fold.

When can I have my clothes back?

They’ll be delivered back to your store in two business days. You can ask for a rush for an added charge.

Can I include wash by hand or hang dry items?

At this time we cannot accommodate hang or hand washing in the wash and fold service.