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Deanna & Nicholas McKelmann

Please join us in welcoming our new owners, Nicholas and Deanna.

Nicholas has lived in Eastern Idaho for approximately ten years, and Deanna has been here since January 2016. They are a family of six with a daughter, three sons, five cats, and a dog. Although they moved here from North Dakota and Nevada, Idaho has quickly become their home. You can find them at their kids' hockey games, on their mandatory weekly date night, riding their motorcycle, or camping in the beautiful Idaho wilderness.

Nicholas knew many years ago that he wanted to own a laundromat. They are a necessity to every community by providing a service to many people who have no other option for clothing hygiene. Because of this, Deanna was thrilled when she discovered Teton Cleaners was available.

With the help of the amazing team they inherited, there are already huge goals being set for this company. Their number one focus is to better the lives of their employees. Because of that they offer paid holidays, acknowledge birthdays and big life events, Christmas, and have a plan to provide livable wages to every employee, part and full-time alike.

For the company, improvements have already been made to the facilities. Necessary cooling was installed for the summer months. Maintenance has been done to the equipment but most importantly, there has been a thorough cleaning done. Someone has been hired and spends time cleaning the dry-cleaning, washers, dryers, and pressing machines to ensure the highest quality product is provided. The laundromat has also been closed because it will be receiving a complete overhaul. The interior will be gutted and remodeled and it will have the most technologically advanced machines in east Idaho. But don't worry, we will still be accepting coins, but will be adding the use of debit cards.

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