The Best Value in East Idaho

No one else delivers the best value and best prices the way Teton Cleaners does. Our expert staff are trained to use leading edge equipment and techniques to safely and effectively remove stains, grease, and grime from your fabrics.

We offer a wide arrange of professional cleaning services to best serve your needs. Please take a moment to browse through the services we have to offer below.

Dry Cleaning

If you care about the way you look you can’t trust your clothes to just anyone. You won’t find a better Dry Cleaner in Idaho Falls or Ammon than Teton Cleaners.

Got spots?

We will work tirelessly to remove them when other cleaners may give up. Even if that means we have to dry clean the item multiple times with no additional charges. Our goal is to go above and beyond what you would expect from a great cleaner. Why go someplace else?

Tired of High Prices?

To be honest. the saying “you get what you pay for” is not always accurate. with Teton Cleaners, you will get the best best dry cleaner in Idaho for the best price. We understand that dry cleaning prices can be quite steep, so we work hard at making sure we have the best prices in Idaho Falls. If you ever find a “sales” price from one of our competitors, we will absolutely match or beat it. That way you get the price and a better quality clean and press. Why go someplace else?

Cutting-Edge Clean

In the summer of 2010 Teton Cleaners added a new dry cleaning machine that is revolutionizing the Dry Cleaning industry. Rather than over saturating your clothes in “dirty” solvent, the machine uses completely clean and fresh solvent with every wash. The process is not only extremely effective at cleaning but gentle with the most delicate fabrics.

Shirt Laundry

Is there a better feeling than putting on a clean, fresh pressed shirt to start your day? Put the iron away and for a couple of dollars let Teton Cleaners make sure you look your best. Whether it’s heavy starch, no starch, or something in between, we’ll make you look great.

Wedding Dresses

You’ll never forget the day you found the perfect dress, or how beautiful you looked when you walked down the aisle. Why should you? It was an incredible day, Let Teton Cleaners help you preserve your cherished wedding memories. Teton Cleaners carefully cleans, presses, and encloses the dress in a beautiful acid-free display box so you can enjoy it for a lifetime and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

All work on wedding dresses is done locally in Idaho Falls which allows us to get them done quickly and affordably. Need the dress cleaned and pressed after pictures but before the wedding? We can get that done for you. The best part….you pay a lot less than you would at another local cleaner.

Leather & Suede

It’s no secret that cleaning leather or suede has its own unique challenges. Don’t let that keep you from enjoying that great jacket or coat because it’s starting to get dingy. Teton Cleaners has the experience and expertise to clean your leathers and bring them back to their old glory. Many dry cleaners will ship these items to be cleaned outside of southeast Idaho taking weeks to get them back. Teton Cleaners takes care of them in Idaho Falls which saves you time and money.

Household Fabrics

Visitors coming to town? Do you really want them sleeping in the same bedding as your drooling brother-in-law that visited last month? Quick! Freshen up the comforter, pillow shams, duvet, and sheets by dropping them off at Teton Cleaners. We’ll help you make a great impression.

Drapes & Curtains

Nothing is easier than cleaning your drapes or curtains when you let Teton Cleaners do it. Don’t want to take them down yourself? Give Teton Cleaners a call and they will take them down, clean them, press them, and hang them back before you get a chance to get used to the wide open view through your window.

Alterations & Repairs

Did you just find the perfect pair of pants that just don’t fit quite right? Teton Cleaners can take care of them for you.