Dry Cleaning

At Teton Cleaners, quality is of the utmost importance. This is why we have implemented a rigorous 10-point safety check system to ensure that every garment we clean meets our high standards. Our team of experienced professionals thoroughly inspects each item before, during, and after the cleaning process to ensure that your clothes are returned to you in the best possible condition.


The Counter Employee who receives your garment does a thorough check on your fabrics and checks for damage.

They then unbutton all of your buttons to ensure they don't get accidentally removed in the transport, cleaning, and/or pressing process.

They document any stains they found or that you told them about when you drop them off for the cleaning employees.

All pockets are checked to ensure nothing is in them. If something is found it is placed in a separate bag to be returned to you with your clothes.

They bag and tag your clothes to ensure they return to you.

The cleaners check to ensure buttons are undone, pockets are emptied, and read any notes left by the counter team. It's then spot-treated by our most experienced and knowledgeable employees.

The articles are cleaned and dried via the care instructions recommended.

The Pressers again ensure all buttons are undone and use the appropriate tools and heat for the fabric types to ensure you have the crisp and unwrinkled look you desire.

The Counter Employees then ensure all items are together and bags them.

They are placed on the rack and labeled for easy identification when you arrive.

Did You Know?

Originally, the dry cleaning chemical that was used was kerosene? Thankfully, we now use perchloroethylene, which is much less flammable. This may be surprising since it’s called “dry” cleaning but it’s actually wet. What it means by dry is that water and soap aren’t used like when you wash your everyday laundry to remove stains, dirt, and grease. A caveat to dry cleaning is that the solvent can potentially bring more stains to the surface, therefore taking longer to clean because it has to be done multiple times.

Why do some items require Dry Cleaning?

Have you ever wondered why your items require dry cleaning? When you use water or heat it can damage delicate fabrics because the water can cause them to swell and stretch. Also, most soaps necessary to clean stains require higher heat to remove the soap residue. You don’t want to use high heat on most fabrics because it can cause the colors to fade, shrink or even completely damage the item.