Drapes & Curtains


I'm betting you haven't thought of cleaning your drapes or curtains for a while have you?

If you haven't, here are a few reasons it's recommended to have them cleaned professionally every 3-6 months.

Just like everything else in your house, your drapes and curtains can hold onto harmful dust, allergens, and pollutants without maintenance. Because of this, germs can build up and spread or cause issues in both humans and pets.

They can also be a breeding ground for mold or mildew in moist environments or if they aren't properly dried after cleaning.

Last but not least, an accumulation of all of the above can attract bugs such as moths and bed bugs. NO ONE wants these visitors in their homes.

Besides the harmful side effects, having dirty drapes and curtains can detract from all of the hard work you put into beautifying a room.

If this has enlightened you, bring them down to Teton Cleaners and we can get them nice and clean for you, having you breathing lighter in no time.

Curtains on one side of the window in an attic bedroom.