Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress is a special and important piece of clothing that holds sentimental value for many people. It is often worn on one of the most important days of a person’s life, and for many, it is a symbol of love and commitment. But after the wedding, many people are left wondering what to do with their wedding dress. With all the dancing and celebrating, it’s not uncommon for a wedding dress to get stained with food or drink, and dirty from dragging on the floor. Storing it in such condition is not ideal, and it can’t be passed on to future generations.

At Teton Cleaners, we understand the importance of preserving the wedding dress and keeping it in the best possible condition. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you take care of your wedding dress. We have two options to choose from. The first option is to have your wedding dress washed and pressed. The second option is to have it washed, pressed and memorialized in a beautiful acid-free box. This box is specially designed to keep your wedding dress safe from any harmful elements such as light, humidity and dust. This will ensure that your wedding dress will be preserved for many years to come and can be passed on to future loved ones.

bottom of a wedding dress on a black background.
Wedding dress memorial keepsafe with a transparent background.

We understand that every wedding dress is different and requires special care and attention. That’s why we take the time to evaluate each dress before starting the cleaning process. We use only the best cleaning products and techniques to ensure that your wedding dress is cleaned and cared for properly.

If you’re looking to preserve your wedding dress, give us a call today. We will be happy to provide you with pricing information and answer any questions you may have. We are committed to providing you with the best service and ensuring that your special dress is preserved for many years to come.